Are you ready?

To change a life and make money in the process!

Play to Earn Crypto Games are pushing boundaries on what is possible and how we perceive the world as we know it.

It’s now very realistic to help people AND earn money in the process.

Join us on this incredible adventure as we put People Before Profits.

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Two months ago, Steve Woody had a brilliant idea and decided to bring me along for the ride.

In this two month period, we have gone from absolute ZERO, to;

  • $100,000+ worth of Axie assets
  • $20,000 worth of payouts to our Scholars each month
  • 70 Scholarships awarded to our members
  • 26 Sponsors
  • 1 Angel Investor
  • 2,460 members in our dedicated Discord Server
  • 2,768 applications for Scholarship
  • 6000+ Likes on our Facebook page
  • 381,000+ minutes of our content watched by our target audience (6,350 hours)
  • 466,200 organic, non-paid-for reach
  • Top 25% of content creators in the world

Not bad going for a business that’s only been operating for two months, eh?

As we enter our 3rd month of operations, we are truly humbled by the massive impact this business is having on people around the world.
For context, our business operates utilizing a “play-to-earn” Crypto based game.

A Scholar plays the game, and is then rewarded with a Crypto currency called “SLP”, which they can then cash out for whatever their native currency is.

We have helped people across the world go from earning $9 per day, for a 10-hour day, to $20-$30 per day, for 2-4 hours of gaming, from the safety and comfort of their own home.

We have helped people from all walks of life;

  • Builders/labourers who have lost their job due to the pandemic
  • Professionals who want to earn extra money to support their distant families
  • Students who want to pay for their education and help their family house-hold income
  • Single parents provide food for their children
  • People who, although working, are unable to afford medicine/operational proceedures for their loved ones
  • Unemployed people who can’t find a job in their area
  • People who are unable to work due to disabilities

Sometimes I talk with people about this business we have created, and they don’t get it.

They don’t even know what it is that they don’t get.

“It must be some sort of con”, or “it must be some sort of bubble”, or “we must be profiting off of other people’s labour.”

It’s very funny, because we sit back and think “wow, is your view of the world so derelict of human decency, that the idea of a business wanting to HELP people really that far-fetched?”

That is why our motto is “People Before Profits.”

We have some even bigger things coming in the future, we’re already lining them up and starting to execute, and we are so excited to see how this impacts people’s opportunities to create better futures for themselves and their families.

Watch this space.

Or don’t.

We’ll be doing it anyway 🙂

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